Team Mélange at CSCW 2019!

Four of our team members attended the CSCW 2019 conference held in Austin, Texas from 9th to 13th Nov . CSCW (Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing) is one of the top ACM conferences (a Core A conference).

Our PhD student, Deepika got 2 full papers accepted in it while two of our PhD students, Asra and Jasmeet got a poster accepted at CSCW’19. Also, one of our PhD students, Anupriya, was part of a panel titled “Women’s{health, wellbeing, and empowerment}” with other panelists from GaTech, MIT, Maryland, UCI, UPenn, and NorthEastern.

Our Research associates Prerna and Kirti were co-authors of one of the papers titled “Feedpal: Understanding Opportunities for Chatbots in Breastfeeding Education of Women in India”  and our UG student Anushka was the co-author of other paper titled “LEAP: Scaffolding Collaborative Learning of Community Health Workers in India” .

Poster by our PhD students accepted in CSCW 2019!

Two of our PhD students, Asra Sakeen Wani & Jasmeet Kaur got their first poster ‘Engagement of Pregnant Women and Mothers over WhatsApp: Challenges and Opportunities Involved’ accepted in the upcoming 22nd #ACMConference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW 2019) at Austin, Texas. Congratulations to both of them!