Dr. Pushpendra representing Mélange at #sympoisumHCD

Dr Pushpendra Singh presented the work being done by our research group on the topic “Mobile-based learning platforms for Maternal & Child Health” at #symposiumHCD titled “New Frontiers in Human-Centered Design“.

The symposium focused on new application areas and technology advancements that can support the areas of research in Human-Centered Design. The event was held on 13th December’19 at IIIT Delhi campus with keynote talks being given by renowned faculties from GeorgiaTech University, USA and University of Washington.

Team Mélange at CSCW 2019!

Four of our team members attended the CSCW 2019 conference held in Austin, Texas from 9th to 13th Nov . CSCW (Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing) is one of the top ACM conferences (a Core A conference).

Our PhD student, Deepika got 2 full papers accepted in it while two of our PhD students, Asra and Jasmeet got a poster accepted at CSCW’19. Also, one of our PhD students, Anupriya, was part of a panel titled “Women’s{health, wellbeing, and empowerment}” with other panelists from GaTech, MIT, Maryland, UCI, UPenn, and NorthEastern.

Our Research associates Prerna and Kirti were co-authors of one of the papers titled “Feedpal: Understanding Opportunities for Chatbots in Breastfeeding Education of Women in India”  and our UG student Anushka was the co-author of other paper titled “LEAP: Scaffolding Collaborative Learning of Community Health Workers in India” .

Poster by our PhD students accepted in CSCW 2019!

Two of our PhD students, Asra Sakeen Wani & Jasmeet Kaur got their first poster ‘Engagement of Pregnant Women and Mothers over WhatsApp: Challenges and Opportunities Involved’ accepted in the upcoming 22nd #ACMConference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW 2019) at Austin, Texas. Congratulations to both of them!